Various Types of Network Cabling Services

Various kinds of connectivity products like network cable, outdoor cable, cat5, cat6, cat7 Ethernet cables, PC cables, fiber optic cables, projector cables, internal cables, crossover cables etc are available at the electric goods shops as well as the online stores. The online stores provide these cables at affordable rates to the buyers. High quality network cable is required for the proper functioning of all kinds of network communications. Network cable connects a network device to another. Network cable is of various types such as twisted pair cables, optical fiber cables, coaxial cable, patch cable, Ethernet crossover cables etc.

Various types of network cables:
Twisted pair cables- Twisted pair cables are of two types- unshielded and shielded. Twisted pair cables contain two insulated copper wires. Twisted pair cables have two conductors twisted together for eliminating electromagnetic interferences from outer sources. Ethernet connectivity and telephones use unshielded twisted pair cables. The unshielded twisted pair cables are grouped as per the 25 pair color code system. Sets of colors such as white/orange, orange/white, white/blue, blue/white are used for the unshielded twisted pair cables. Unshielded twisted pair cables are mainly used for video applications, computer networking, and telephones. The twisted pair cables are used for data networks and cheaper than coaxial cables and fiber optic cables. The twisted pair cables are mainly used for medium and short length connectivity. Maximum distance limit allowed for twisted pair cable is 100m. Twisted pair cables are of various types such as Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7. Till 10Mbps transmission is supported by cat3 cables, till 100Mbps transmission is supported by cat5 cables, till 1000Mbps transmission is supported by cat5e cables, till 1000Mbps transmission is supported by cat6 cables, till 10Gbps transmission is supported by cat6a cables, till 10Gbps transmission is also supported by cat7 cables. network cabling services

Optical fiber cables- Optical fiber cables are used for data transmissions over long distances. The optical fiber cables have one or more optical fibers. Optical fiber cables have high bandwidth and are costly. The optical fibers are mainly inside protective pipes. The optical fiber outdoor cable is protected and covered by copper pipes and water resistant materials to protect it from damages by moisture.

Coaxial cables- In case of coaxial cables the transmissions of signals occur only via dielectric inside the cables through the conductors. Thus twisting and bending of the coaxial cables are possible. Coaxial cables are mainly used for televisions and other kinds of signals inn homes and offices.

Outdoor cable- All of outdoor cable is protected by different methods to prevent damages by water, moisture, sunrays, dust, external electric interferences, high temperatures etc. Cat5e and cat6 outdoor cable can be buried directly. The outdoor cable is filled with water resistant gel. The outdoor cable is covered with PVC jackets and is provided with UV protection.