Introduction To Best Greens Powder

The Best Green Superfood Powder is Athletic Greens | Grab Athletic GreensWe are exposed to harmful environmental toxins and metals every day. This is why we need to take charge of our health by detoxifying our bodies on a regular basis. This is possible through the use of a super green algae from the ocean called chlorella. Not only does it detoxify, it is considered a pure and perfect food and is very high in protein, as much as 53%. Because we are unable to eat it in its natural state it must be broken down into a form that we can digest. This is why it is sold in a powder or capsules. When searching for chlorella it is important to buy only the most purest, high quality brands.

Chlorella has been shown in animal studies of mice to inhibit the growth of tumors, which makes it especially important in preventing or reversing certain kinds of cancer. It also rids the body of toxic metals and chemicals, but amazingly does not eliminate any of the essential minerals necessary for good health such as zinc, magnesium and copper to name a few. Simply by taking this wonderful green algae, you will experience a huge boost to the immune system, have breath that is pleasant and sweet smelling and the flora in your intestines will begin doing its job normally again. Another great benefit is there are no side effects.For more information, visit their website at best greens powder .

In some articles, it has been stated that chlorella helps in shedding extra pounds because of its ability to satisfy hunger. Because it is a super food with such a high amount of protein, it makes sense it would satiate appetite as it increases energy. Besides protein, chlorella also contains calcium, magnesium, the B, C and E vitamins, enzymes and essential amino acids. It is directly responsible for raising the blood levels of albumin in our bodies. This is very important because albumin is what carries the minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and even the hormones we need to remain healthy and cancer free. It is also believed to be a powerful fighter against autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and myasthenia gravis to name just two. The dosage for maximum health benefits is two teaspoons daily mixed in your drink of choice or blended. Adding chlorella to the daily regimen will assure a true quality of good health.